A picture of Tucker pre-renovation. Lather yourself in its vagina-pink walls, 50's diner black-and-white tile floor, and outdated projector.

Tucker Lounge is the center of all activity in Brown College. It is one of three lounges, the others being Smith Lounge and the more recent Davis Lounge.

Features of Tucker Lounge

Tucker Projector: The Television

Until 2013, Tucker Lounge featured a projector screen on which various movies (Fight Club), video games, and pornographic videos were played for the general Brown community. After renovation, the projector was replaced with a television after being deemed "a safety hazard", even though a brave pool noodle protected those of the taller persuasion from head injury. After the Great Poop Flood of 2013, the television was replaced and promptly broken by the dark magic of Andrew Annex. TPTT 2.0 was replaced in the fall of 2015 by Jake Saltzman, and lasted four days before being broken again. TPTT Mark 3 is currently in use.

Tucker: Small TV

Often colloquially referred to as the "Tucker video game TV" or more recently as "The Sports Corner", the second television in the lounge is often used when obnoxious assholes are being too distracting watching Monster High or The Office on the TPTT. Includes a PS3 and Gamecube. Key events include Sunday football, Dancing with the Stars, and Super Smash Bros.

Tucker Kitchen

Abandon Hope All Ye Who Enter

Tucker Dining Area

Equal parts eating dinner, playing board games, and working on MathCad assignments.

Tucker Bathroom

The cleanest bathroom in Brown College, since it is the only one that is frequently cleaned by the Maintenance Staff. Those who have ended their Friday night hunched over the toilet in Tucker Bathroom are members of the prestigious Tucker Vomiters Club (See: Brian Walter)

Tucker Sex Line

The telephone in Tucker. Must be answered correctly: "Tucker Sex Line, how may I service you?"

Tucker Rats

Not actual rats (usually). Term of endearment for those individuals who you always know are going to be in Tucker, no matter the time of day or whether they should be in class. (See: Thomas Nelson Williams III, Kean Finance; Sam Lagestee; Will Neff; and more recently, Kate Fitzgerald, Kate Shaffer, Jordan Chapman)

Meanwhile in Tucker

A twitter account updated once in a bluemoon dedicated to strange things overheard in Tucker Lounge and often taken out of context