The Cave of Wonders (colloq: The Cave archaic: Computer Room) is one of the two communal study areas within Brown, the second of which being the Rogers Reading Room. It is habitually occupied by stressed Brownies working under a deadline and scowling at those who talk too loud, with the exception of the semesterly Rave in the Cave. This domain was reigned over by the Queen Elizabeth Harrington the Just, in the unofficial position as Queen of the Cave. This changed over to Queen Kelli Green and King Alex Huynh, two chemical engineers who took residence in the Cave, and who few have seen outside.

In the 2016 School Year, The Cave become more of a place to simply hang out. Rarely does actual studying occur. Sometimes Jonathan Martin will attempt to do his many hours of E-School homework here, but inevitably ends up leaving when a group of weebs, first years, or other loud people decide to occupy the space.

In 2017, the Cave got a complete makeover which got rid of a bunch of unnecessary tables that literally did nothing but stack on top of each other, but also got rid of our cute little bookshelf. Now we have desks instead of tables and have been graced with a hand-me-down couch in the "nook" of the cave . There's a lot more room to do sexy things.