Smith Lounge (alternatively known as Smith Cafe, or just Smith) is the second main social lounge of Brown College behind Tucker Lounge, and above Davis Lounge. Unlike Tucker, Smith isn't a social hub for lonely souls seeking companionship, but is reserved for those looking to use a common space for a specific purpose. Brownies can be seen playing games, chilling at Art Club, jamming out, and otherwise avoiding homework (this just got real).

Smith Lounge has lived many lives. Smith used to be a game room, painted white with murals of various video game characters and contained foosball, and air hockey, tables including the infamous Smith Pool Table on top of which "the beast with two backs" was made quite frequently according to Brown legend. Smith was then painted "sex-dungeon green" for reasons unbeknownst to Brown residents.

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A picture of "sex-dungeon green" Smith from the Brown treasure-trove that is Austin Root's facebook page.

Smith Lounge includes a number of amenities, including a common fridge, an upright piano, tables, and couches. The walls are decorated with student art, including multiple portraits of Guy Fieri.

A few days per week, Smith is home to Smith Café, where Jordan Moller, Lindsay Gray Mcmillan and Kate Shaffer (Previously, Harpreet Singh and Juan Hernandez our fearless leaders) bake cookies and provide the makings for tea and coffee. Starting around 9pm, people pretend to do homework, listen to music, and crack eggs with their bare hands (@Harpreet).

Brown Art Club meets in Smith on Fridays at 10pm. Shannon provides art supplies for everyone to use, and anyone can swing by to create something or to gawk at Hope, Shannon, Sarah Chu (duh) and Eleanor's amazing skills.