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Sarah Chu-woo. Previously a resident of McGuffey. An angel that somehow was blessed onto Brown College and we still don't know what we did to deserve her. Literally the nicest person on the Earth and likes hugs a lot. Roommate (spiritually forever) and primary caretaker of Irena Kesselring.

A weeb who isn't nearly as loud and annoying about it than all the other ones. Although she likes sports anime to an unhealthy amount. She's also a founding member of the weekly Art Club in Smith AND in a sorority. Can she get any cooler?? Pupper/doggo/boofer aficionado. Sweetie who loves sweets.

A member of the Lion Dance Club. She's athletic as fuck and can be seen as either the fangs or the ass of a lion and killin' it on the dance scene. She volunteers with children like the wonderful person she is, but this keeps her really busy and makes her and all those who love her sad, because she can never hang out.