Ria Witteman is a massive narcissist who wants to be immortalized in any way she can. She is a long-term resident of 241 Rogers A. Convinced that she no longer needed new friends (she had a boyfriend, who else do you need?), she spent her first year in Brown avoiding interactions with others with the noted exceptions of working on building Hauntings and reading apps. Ria emerged like a butterfly out of a cocoon and became visible, staying up far too late in Tucker and generally lurking. She studied abroad, but is now back with a vengeance.

Catchphrases: "well, when I was on Semester at Sea", "do it for the shits and giggles" "do it, you won't" "live your dreams"

Ria is a wonderful friend and caring Brownie. She's kind of the mom figure around here, always throwing compliments and offering rides on BC-Chat. She can usually be found in Tucker wearing only the most fashionable of pajamas. Frequently attended Jenga events and was the perfect wine mom.