Actual puppy Gabby Carper.

GRAND POOBAH 2K17-2K18. Also known as: Gabby "Buttstuff" Carper, Pooby Carper, Daddy Carper, Gab-BAE, Jabby Jarper (when wearing jeans). Devout lover of chocolate. Sings all the damn time (but she's good at it so it's ok). She also flosses all the damn time (not the tooth string motion but the arm-hip kind).

Never not sick. Very good at liaising. Weeb who will never stop squealing about romance anime until the day she dies. The sweetest of the sweet. Resident of Holmes. Part of the Unholy Trinity. Previously the best NBL. Cougar. pRIMARY LOVER OF aNDY mCmANNN.

A band kid and you know it. Consistently has trouble balancing her band and brown friends (what a NERD).

One of many people currently living in Brown that is infected with the 3rd strain of the Mono Plague (patient zero being Kate Shaffer).

Sailor Venus. Best booty. Softest skin.

After being elected as Poobah for the 2017-2018 school year, the nickname "Pooby Carper" has been added.