Brown College had only two lounges for its entire history up until December 2017 when Housing decided to ignore Brown's actual concerns and give us a third lounge space in the basement of Davis and thus, Davis Lounge was born. The space had previously been a long abandoned Facilities lounge from the 1990's. With the new additon of Davis Lounge, there are now accessible public sinks and toilets on Brown's Quad . If one was in Smith Lounge and had to use the bathroom or a sink, one had to previously trek all the way to Tucker Lounge on the Anti-Quad . This excursion was often aided by the use of the Tunnels Scooters

The first official christening of Davis Lounge occurred at the end of finals, December 2017. The second christening occurred New Years 2018. The initials of participants may or may not be carved into the paint in the lounge's closet. Hauntings filled the closet with x-frames because they got cucked by Housing and had no where else to put them; the evidence of christening has now been hidden.